When using your HUAWEI P20, it sometimes happens that you need to take a screenshot. Indeed, making a screenshot is very useful in certain situations. In particular, if you need to record and keep an information which is on the screen of your HUAWEI P20. Taking a screenshot is also very convenient if you want to send part of a Facebook, Viber or Whatsapp conversation to a loved one. The screen is therefore a really easy and fast way to share information. In this way, if you want to learn how to take a screenshot with the HUAWEI P20, you should know that there are several techniques for doing it. You will therefore have the choice to screen your screen using the button technique or using an application. We also explain in this article that it is easy to take a screenshot through the notifications bar. We will also show you and explain how to take a screenshot on the HUAWEI P20 by making a gesture. Finally, we will see for those who have this specific need, how to capture only a part of the screen of the HUAWEI P20.

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How to take a screenshot with the buttons of the HUAWEI P20

As with all Android devices, it is possible to use the buttons on the HUAWEI P20 to take a screenshot. In fact, a simple combination of buttons is enough to start the screenshot on your HUAWEI P20. The combination of buttons that must be pressed at the same time may be slightly different depending on the manufacturer, the version of the phone or the version of Android. However, the combination to make the capture will necessarily be one of the following:

  • The best known method is to keep pressed at the same time: the button "Volume down" and the button "Power".
  • Another technique: Keep pressed simultaneously: the button "Volume up" and the "Power" button.
  • Another technique: Keep pressed at the same time: the button "Home" and the "Power" button.
  • Another technique: Keep pressed simultaneously: the button "Home" and the "Power" button.
  • Another method: Press the button at the same time "Back" and the "Power" button.

On the vast majority of Android phone models, such as the HUAWEI P20, this will likely be the first technique that works. However, if this button combination technique is too restrictive for you to perform, know that there are other ways. Indeed, go to the following paragraphs to know all the techniques to screen the HUAWEI P20 screen.

How to find the screenshot on your HUAWEI P20

Now that you have screened the HUAWEI P20 screen, you are probably wondering where it was put? Don't worry, she's not far. Indeed, you will be able to find your screenshot in the HUAWEI P20 gallery. Usually your device will automatically create a "Screenshot" Album in your Photo gallery.

Take a screenshot with a dedicated application

As with most things we want to do with our HUAWEI P20, there is an application that can help us do it! Indeed, there are trick-or-treating applications dedicated to screen capture on the PlayStore. If you want a simple and hassle-free application, we can recommend:

Screen capture and screen recorder. This app does the job well. Indeed, it allows you to very simply take a screenshot of the HUAWEI P20 without having to worry. So if you want to use this app, you just need to download from PlayStore (via the previous link) and install it. Once installed, you can take screenshots of the screen and then edit them. You can add text or other elements to it and it's very practical!

Some applications also offer to take video screenshots. If you are interested, we advise you to read our article on: the video screenshot on HUAWEI P20.

Take a screenshot directly from the notification bar of the HUAWEI P20

If you are the style to make your life easy, you are going to like this solution. Indeed, you will be happy to know that it is possible to take screenshots of the HUAWEI P20 thanks to a shortened in the notification bar of HUAWEI P20. To be able to do this, you will have to do a swipe down on the HUAWEI P20 screen in order to bring down the notifications bar and the toolbar. You should then see "three small dots" in the toolbar. By clicking on these 3 small dots you will be able to order and interchange the tool shortcuts that are present in your notifications bar. You should then find the "Screenshot" tool which is represented by the "Screenshot" symbol. You can then put this tool at the beginning of your list so that it is always accessible. Once you have done this, all you have to do is open the notification bar and click on the symbol. By performing this action, your HUAWEI P20 will take a screenshot.

Take a screenshot on your HUAWEI P20 by gesturing

And yes, that's pretty awesome, but it is possible to take a screenshot on the HUAWEI P20 just by making a gesture! Indeed, the front camera of your HUAWEI P20 can be used to recognize a gesture that will trigger the screenshot on the smartphone. This function is not necessarily native to all smartphones. If your HUAWEI P20 is equipped with this function, you should be able to find it and configure it in the settings menu. If this function is not native on the HUAWEI P20, it is possible to use an application to do it. Indeed, an application such as Full Screen Gestures allows you to configure a gesture that will trigger the screenshot. Finally, also know that there are also applications that allow you to take a screenshot by shaking your HUAWEI P20.

capture screen-Huawei-p20

Tutorial to screen a specific area of ​​the HUAWEI P20 screen

You may also not want to take a screenshot of the entire HUAWEI P20 screen. Indeed, you may be interested in only part of the screen. If this is the case, be aware that it is possible to capture only one element of your screen. For this, it is advisable to use the application described in the section above. It will allow you to choose the part of the screen of your HUAWEI P20 to screenshot.

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