If you use your phone on the internet, you probably know it, by browsing the web we entrust our personal data and all the actions that we perform on the web to many companies that use it for more or less reasons. clear and who resell this information. Nowadays, it is legitimate not to want to be spied on and to control where your personal data goes. The technique that people use the most is to install a VPN. You may have never heard of it, we are going to teach you in this guide how to put a VPN on a Samsung Galaxy A30s?

In this context, first, we will quickly explain how a VPN works, then explain how to install a free and paid VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s.


What is the benefit of a VPN for a Samsung Galaxy A30s?

Before you explain how to install a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s, we will quickly explain to you what this kind of application is and all the positive aspects that you will be able to exploit. You will quickly discover that a VPN can be a great asset in protecting your privacy. To quickly describe how a VPN works, it actually involves encrypting all of your web activity. We are necessarily identified by what is called an IP address, this address is unique and linked to a device, so it is simple by recovering your data to know all your actions on the internet. The goal of using a VPN is that you will go through a remote server (other IP address), so it will be impossible to link your activated to your own IP address. You will therefore be invisible and untraceable for any entity or person wishing to recover your data.

The Benefits of Putting a VPN on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

We start by showing you the advantages of having a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s:

  • Preserve your privacy: As we explained to you, going through another IP address will prevent anyone from recovering your data. So you will be free to do whatever you want online.
  • Access content prohibited in your country: Most of the time, by going through a VPN you will be able to choose the country in which the IP address through which you are transiting is domiciled. You will therefore be able to choose any country. This is particularly interesting when you are abroad and for example want to watch TV shows in France. In fact, very often, the multimedia content uploaded by television channels is only available in the country of origin.
  • Prevent public Wi-Fi networks from recovering your data: When you connect to a public network, you will inevitably accept the collection of your data. Via a VPN, the network will not be able to associate them with your IP address.

The disadvantages of installing a VPN on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

We now move on to the few disadvantages of using a VPN with your Samsung Galaxy A30s. In fact, even if a VPN is very interesting for your security on the web, it is not perfect:

  • Activate and go through an application each time you use it: You need to use an application for your Samsung Galaxy A30s, free or paid, but it will have to be activated each time you need to surf the WEB.
  • Slow down the speed of your connection: A free VPN has particularly slow “bandwidth”. This is quite logical since you will be passing through a server that is located in another country. A VPN can therefore be disabling at times in the event that you want to watch video content for example.

How to install a free VPN on Samsung Galaxy A30s?

We now go to the practical part of this article, and we will first introduce you how to set up a free VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s. As you will understand, to have access to this security, you will have to go through a specific application. Free VPNs aren't always the most effective, however, they can already encrypt your connection and protect your personal data. We have decided to offer you ProtonVPN . We selected it because we believe it is the best free VPN deal. In practice, it has some significant advantages for a free VPN for Samsung Galaxy A30s. First of all, you won't have any data consumption limitation, which is very rare for a free service. Also, you will not have advertising, even on the free version. Finally, the application and its operation are particularly easy and suitable for Android:

  • Go to the Play Store and download Proton VPN .
  • Install the app.
  • Launch the app and register.
  • Connect and select one of the 3 available countries from which you want to host your connection.
  • Take advantage of your security to browse the Internet quietly.

How to put a paid VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s?

Finally, we now move on to the presentation of the process for install a paid VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s . As we explained to you, it's hard to get really decent service with a free VPN. If it happens that you really need to protect your privacy and that you are going to have intensive use of the VPN, we suggest that you consider a paid offer that will be more suited to your use (better connection speed, no ads, more number of connection countries available…). After testing several offers, we decided to show you the offer of ExpressVPN . It has notable advantages. In fact, you will have access to servers in more than 90 countries, a connection speed almost identical to your connection without a VPN, an application of striking simplicity and the possibility of adjusting your profile. user in great detail. Find out below how to put this VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A30s!

  • Go to the Play Store and download ExpressVPN .
  • Install the application on your Samsung Galaxy A30s.
  • Open the app, register and set up your user account after choosing your subscription level. this goes from € 6 / month up to € 12 / month depending on the duration of the commitment.
  • Log into the app.
  • Select the country in which you want to host your connection and take advantage of your secure network.

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