Android cell phones are now capable of quite a few functions, however there are some that are not well known. And yet, they can be really useful! You may not have known it, however there is a feature on your Oppo A1k to save contacts and information in an emergency. They will therefore be accessible to anyone who picks up your phone.

We will suddenly, in this article, teach you how to save one or more emergency contacts on your Oppo A1k. For this, first of all, we will teach you the interest and how this function works. Then, how to configure an emergency contact, and, finally, how to record emergency medical information .


How does the emergency call function work on an Oppo A1k?

We therefore start our guide by discovering the reason for and the operation of emergency contacts on an Oppo A1k. Surely you don't know it because few people know it. This is actually a function that will allow anyone who comes to your aid to retrieve medical information on your Oppo A1k or the number of a contact to call as a priority in the event of a problem, and to join them without unlocking your Oppo A1k.

To use it you just have to use any physical button and on the lock screen of your Oppo A1k, you will see a button appear at the bottom » Emergency call  » , if ever like us until now you thought that this button is useful in the event that you do not have a network, remove this idea from the head, it has a completely different interest. In fact, by pressing this button, you going to reach a list of emergency contacts and the possibility of consulting » Medical information  »Previously recorded on an Oppo A1k. Since we spend our lives with our phones this function is extremely interesting, since it acts like an electronic health record. Not enough people know and use it, so we advise you to configure it

How to save one or more emergency contacts on your Oppo A1k?

After discovering the interest of this function, we will now explain the technique to save one or more emergency contacts on your Oppo A1k. This procedure is really easy and can save you time if you have any concerns or let your loved ones know quickly if something bad happens to you. Apply the following methodology to configure an emergency contact on your phone:

  • Press the button " Power  »Of your Oppo A1k when it is locked to access the lock screen
  • Slide the screen to reach the numeric keypad
  • Click on " Emergency call  »
  • Press on " Add emergency contacts  »
  • Unlock your Oppo A1k
  • Press the "+" and select the list of contacts you want to save as an emergency number on your Oppo A1k
  • You can even give the contact group a name

How to save medical information about yourself on Oppo A1k?

For the second procedure, if you ever have specific health problems, have asthma, diabetes, allergies to certain medications or any other particular health condition, it is a good idea to communicate this information to the emergency services. who would take care of you in the event of an accident. We will therefore now explain the procedure for record emergency medical information on your Oppo A1k:

  • Press the button " Power  »Of your Oppo A1k when it is still locked
  • Access the numeric keypad as if you wanted to type your unlock code
  • Click on " Emergency call  »
  • Click on " Medical info  »
  • You will now have to enter your password to unlock your Oppo A1k
  • You can now fill in all categories like " pathologies "," Allergies "," Blood group  » ...
  • In the event that you are ever unable to complete the procedure through the lock screen of your mobile phone, you can also go through the application » Contacts  »You just have to click on your name to record emergency medical information on your Oppo A1k

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