You are certainly aware that over half of the power consumption of a Moto E6s is related to the power consumption of the screen. In fact, the screens of our mobile phones are systematically larger, have more pixels, more beautiful colors, better contrast, more brightness… These improvements inevitably affect the autonomy of your smartphone. But fortunately, there is a technique to decrease the impact of the screen on the energy consumption of your smartphone. We will precisely, in this guide teach you how to adjust the brightness of a Moto E6s?

For this, first of all, we will teach you how to activate or deactivate automatic brightness on your Moto E6s, then, how to change the brightness of your smartphone, first via the notifications bar, then via the smartphone settings.


How to turn automatic brightness on or off on Moto E6s?

As we told you, the screen of your Moto E6s represents a major part of the energy consumption and therefore considerably reduces the autonomy of your Moto E6s. If you often use your smartphone in brightly lit places or outdoors, it is likely going to frequently need to be at maximum brightness for you to be able to use it and be able to read your screen.

If you don't need to spend your time changing the brightness of your smartphone because you are constantly changing your surroundings, there is a very handy option that will save you from actions and more greatly improve the range of your Moto E6s. It's about the automatic brightness adjustment on your Moto E6s. This parameter is very easy to activate and deactivate and will certainly give you the possibility of saving time and a few precious tens of minutes or even hours of battery. Learn how to turn it on and off below:

  • Unlock your Moto E6s
  • Slide your notification bar down
  • Drag it a second time to get to all of your smartphone's settings shortcuts
  • You will locate on the lower part of your shortcuts a cursor with a sun icon. Click on the small arrow to reach the additional brightness settings of your Moto E6s
  • Now you just have to activate the option " Automatic brightness  " or " Adaptive brightness ", The option is generally activated by default, you can therefore deactivate it in this menu in the event that you prefer to modify it yourself

How to change the brightness on Moto E6s?

We will now show you how to change the brightness of your Moto E6s. Note that to take control of your brightness you will have to upstream turn off the automatic brightness of your Moto E6s , to do this, follow the few instructions that follow.

You will now be able to modify the power of your phone's screen as you wish. To do this, follow the few tips below, two methods are available to you.

How to change the brightness via the notification bar of a Moto E6s?

We therefore start with the fastest solution, which is to go directly through the settings shortcuts found on the notification bar of your Moto E6s:

  • Unlock your Moto E6s
  • Slide the top notification bar down
  • Drag it again to display all the shortcuts on your screen
  • You will now be able directly change the screen brightness of your Moto E6s using the horizontal slider which is located at the bottom of the shortcuts page
  • If you go to the left you will decrease the brightness and in the event that you go to the right increase it

Small warning nevertheless, in the event that you stay in maximum brightness too often, you will drain the battery of your Moto E6s much more quickly, we therefore recommend that you use the manual setting sparingly. If you feel like you have battery problems on your Moto E6s, we invite you to watch our guide on this subject.

How to change the brightness through the » Parameters  »Of a Moto E6s?

For the second technique, it's not much different, you will very easily have to go through the settings of your Moto E6s. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Open the " Parameters  »From your smartphone
  • Click on the submenu » Screen  »
  • You can now directly modify the brightness of it

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