We use our mobiles less and less to make calls. We tend to use them to check our emails, social networks and news. It is now common to be spammed by email, but recently it has become increasingly common to be spammed by SMS as well. We will precisely, through this guide, present to you how to block text messages on your OPPO Find X3 , this will allow you to stop receiving text messages for no reason. To do this, first of all, we will discover the cases in which it may be wise to block text messages on your OPPO Find X3, then, the procedure to follow to carry out this blocking.


Why Auto Reject SMS on OPPO Find X3?

We will therefore first discover the different scenarios which can push you to want to reject the SMS of a particular number. We will thus review in turn these different possibilities, find them below:

  • Block text messages on OPPO Find X3 to avoid marketing services: it often happens that you are forced to provide your phone number when you subscribe to a brand loyalty offer. As a general rule, the option “Do not receive a commercial offer” is ticked, unfortunately this choice is not always respected.
  • Block text messages from a cumbersome ex on his OPPO Find X3. Relationships don't necessarily end well, and some have a harder time moving on than others. If you are being harassed by a former loved one, blocking the number can allow you to regain your peace of mind.
  • Block canvassing by SMS via Geo-location: One of the new features of marketing services is to contact customers when they are close to a point of sale. You can save yourself

Steps to block text messages on OPPO Find X3

We now move on to the process to be carried out for automatically reject text messages on your OPPO Find X3 . It is quite simple to accomplish, we will first discover how to do it directly from your phone, then, via a third-party application.

Block text messages via your OPPO Find X3 settings

We will first discover the easiest and most used method to block text messages on your OPPO Find X3, do it through the phone settings, complete the steps below:

  • Go to the "SMS" or "Messages" area
  • Click on the conversation with the number to block
  • Click the 3 small dots at the top right of the screen
  • Choose the option "Block the number", On some versions of Android, you may have offered" Add to blacklist« 
  • The SMS of this number will be automatically blocked

Second way to do it, it is possible to block and consult the list of blocked numbers on your OPPO Find X3, via the settings of the “Phone” applications:

  • Go to the "Phone" application
  • Go to "Settings"
  • Then "Block numbers", "Call rejection" or another similar title
  • You can now, unblock text messages on your OPPO Find X3, add and view blocked numbers

Block text messages using an application on your OPPO Find X3

We now move on to the last section of this tutorial. On some versions of OPPO Find X3 it may be complicated to perform this process, however, there are free and paid apps to block text messages on your OPPO Find X3. We are going to reveal a free application that allows you to carry out this kind of approach. In addition, it will also allow you to block calls. If you want block calls on your OPPO Find X3 it is necessary to consult our article on this topic. We recommend that you download the application Calls Blacklist , which will allow you to manage your list of numbers to block, as well as other more complete options than the classic settings of your OPPO Find X3.

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