Having a HUAWEI P Smart S is now more interesting than having a camera or camcorder. In fact, in recent years the quality of the cameras in our phones has improved considerably. This is in fact one of the essential points on which the manufacturers are fighting a fierce battle. However, who says good quality means heavy files to store on your mobile phone. And even if it happens that the amount of internal memory of our HUAWEI P Smart S tends to become more important, it is possible if you like to record moments of your daily life that it is not sufficient to store all of these moments. We will suddenly teach you today how to change the resolution of photos and videos on your HUAWEI P Smart S? To do this, we will first show you the advantages of changing the resolution of your recordings. Then, how to change the photo format of your HUAWEI P Smart S, and finally the videos.


For what reasons is it relevant to change the resolution of photos and videos of your HUAWEI P Smart S?

We therefore start by quickly showing you the interest you may have in change the format of videos and photos on your HUAWEI P Smart S. As we told you quickly in the introduction, this point is one of the essential differentiation criteria between brands. They therefore make efforts on the quality and size of their photo sensor. The advantage is that you will have more and more beautiful photos, the disadvantage is that a photos will be able to require several “MB” or even several tens of “MB” of storage space.

Same thing for videos, in particular you will even feel the difference with videos because to make a video we superimpose photos, and inevitably in the hypothesis that the quality of each photo is better, the weight of the video will be exponentially heavier. It is therefore essential to find a happy medium, and, to think about the use which you make of these files. If you enjoy watching them on your mobile phone, sharing them on social networks, it is not particularly compulsory to keep the best photo or video quality on your HUAWEI P Smart S, an intermediate quality will probably be sufficient without nobody realizes it. On the other hand, if you print your photos, or that you make video montages of your adventures, it may be interesting not to reduce the resolutions of photos and videos on your HUAWEI P Smart S. It's up to you to think about your usage and to modify the format of your recordings.

How to change the resolution of photos on HUAWEI P Smart S?

We now move on to the practical part of our article. We will first see how to change the size of photos on your HUAWEI P Smart S. The process is really simple and will allow you to save a significant amount of data on your mobile phone, follow the procedure below to do so:

  • Launch the application » Camera  »Of your HUAWEI P Smart S.
  • Put yourself in photo mode.
  • Click on the toothed wheel to access the parameters
  • All you have to do is change the » Photo resolution  »Front or rear of your HUAWEI P Smart S depending on which one you want to modify.
  • Remember to test before keeping a final adjustment to ensure that the quality of your photos is sufficient compared to your desires.

If you cannot make this adjustment or if you have camera problems on your HUAWEI P Smart S, do not hesitate to consult our article on this topic to solve them.

How to change the resolution of videos of its HUAWEI P Smart S?

Finally, we end our little article with the change the resolution of videos on your HUAWEI P Smart S , this will have the consequences of reducing the size of the files and consequently of saving smaller files on the memory of your HUAWEI P Smart S. To do this, you just have to follow the few tips below which are similar to the instructions for changing the format of photos:

  • Launch the application » Camera  »Of your HUAWEI P Smart S.
  • Switch to video mode.
  • Access the parameters by clicking on the toothed wheel
  • Click on the tab " Video resolution  »Or any other similar name (it may change depending on your version of Android)
  • Choose the resolution that you find most suitable.
  • As with the photos, do not forget to make a test video that you watch directly after to make sure that the quality is sufficient, you can also compare the weight of the video against your previous videos.

You can, depending on the quality of your device too configure the number of images per second captured in video mode by your HUAWEI P Smart S . This will double or halve the weight of the videos. This parameter is mainly relevant when you want to do slow motion, if you want to learn how to make a slow motion video with your HUAWEI P Smart S, take a look at our article on this topic.

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