Storage has long been a problem on the Oppos. In fact, having only 8GB or 16GB of internal storage is not enough for people who need to carry large multimedia files such as photos, videos or music ... Fortunately, in recent years storage technology has not continues to progress and its price to reduce. This allows us to take advantage of smartphones with much larger storage volumes. However, most of the people resort to memory card to have enough storage space. One of the solutions to "increase your storage capacity" is to install applications on your phone's SD card.


We are going to teach you in this guide how to default storage on the SD card of your Oppo? In this context, first, we will show you how to set the memory card as default storage on your Oppo. Then, in a second step, how to set the internal memory as default storage on Oppo.

How to set the SD card as the default memory of an Oppo?

We will first of all directly show you the procedure for set your SD card as default storage on your Oppo. This procedure is not necessarily complicated. You will nevertheless have to be in possession of an SD card large enough to be able to record all the data to be recorded on it. You should know that if you ever set the memory card as the default storage, not only photos / videos will be saved there, but also all your applications. In addition, your SD card will not be able to be removed as easily as a regular memory card. In fact, since you are going to save important data there for the normal functioning of your operating system, you will have to remove them carefully before removing your memory card from your Oppo.

Finally, the procedure for transforming this card into internal memory will erase all the files present on it, so we suggest you, to have peace of mind, to carry out the procedure with a blank SD card. If you need to transfer photos from SD card to your computer. Do not hesitate to consult our guideline on connecting an Oppo with a computer.

  • Take a blank memory card, or one of which you have transferred the content you want upstream.
  • Insert it into your Oppo.
  • Go to the " Parameters  "From your phone, then," Warehousing " page (in French).
  • Click on the three small dots at the top right of your screen.
  • Go to the tab " Storage settings ", And click" Format as internal memory " page (in French).
  • You now have the choice to transfer all your data (excluding applications) to the SD card of your Oppo.
  • Each new application downloaded will be directly downloaded and saved to the external memory of your Oppo.

How to put internal memory as default storage on Oppo?

If you ever want to remove your memory card, to transfer data, or use it for another device, you will first have to configure the internal memory as the default memory on your Oppo. In this context, nothing could be simpler, you will have to do the reverse procedure.

Repeat the procedure seen just before. It will just take in " Storage settings  »Set internal memory as default memory. This manipulation will have the effect of reinstalling all the new content on your internal memory. It's up to you, if necessary, to transfer important content to your Oppo.

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