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The Android laptop is definitely useful. Nowadays it competes with computers. It validly replaces these for all services for the benefit of the user. It thus takes a very large amount and is suitable for all computer users. The scope of the tasks in which the laptop is used and the level of involvement in our daily lives are immeasurable. The proximity of this communication tool and the sensitivity of the touch largely justify handling errors. Among these errors are large numbers of unintentional deletions of sometimes sensitive and valuable data and files. Added to this is the limited storage capacity of the device which requires continuous release of the recorded files. Satisfying this requirement sometimes forces us to delete certain important data. The real problem posed by such a situation is the irreversible and final nature of said deletions. This is a shortcoming relative to this operating system that some applications are trying to remedy. Once installed, these act as a recycle bin for backing up data and files deleted from your phone. What are and where to find these applications? How can we install them?

Trash does not exist on Android devices

The recycle bin is a function that is used to keep deleted files. In fact, the files sent there are not permanently deleted. It allows their restoration if the need arises. Who has never been there to restore a file deleted by mistake or intentionally? It makes a significant service by its presence on the Windows or Mac system. It is generally incorporated into most operating systems. False manipulations leading to the deletion of sometimes very important files on laptops and tablets are irreversible.

Many Android users often ask the same question. The question of whether this system has a recycle bin to protect them from the hazardous deletion of files. The answer to this question justifies the dismay felt by the regulars of this operating system, victims of this awkwardness. Tablets and phones with this operating system do not a priori benefit from this function. It is very surprising that such a powerful system does not have a basket despite the usefulness of the latter. The consequence is permanent loss of files and the like.

Generally, there are various reasons for recovering files from the Recycle Bin. This allows you to restore said files when the need arises. No need to search for the probably lost links for a new download. Just take a look and the solution is found. Tablets and mobile phones are more used today than PC computers. It is therefore more than ever essential to seek alternatives. The limited storage space with which the devices are equipped also constitutes a handicap to be overcome.

To overcome this problem of the nonexistence of backup in the Android operating system, some applications are available today. Indeed, there are applications that play the same role as the trash on this operating system. The mode of operation of this application meets the needs of users. Said applications fill the void left by this operating system. Some are also downloadable for free despite their performance which is no longer to be demonstrated.

What are the best applications for installing a basket on your smartphone

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Several applications are generally used for recovering lost data from your phone. They have widely demonstrated their reliability in the recovery of videos, photos, audio files, various documents and others. They then play the role of trash on your phones or tablets. Among these, there are Dumpster application. He is considered to be a pioneer of free high-performance applications relating to the trash can adapted to the Android system. Other applications such as Google Photos, Recycle Bin and others are also very powerful and available online.

Dumpster Application

It is considered the best basket suitable for the Android system of your phone or tablet. Its download and installation are free. Indeed, Dumpster through its trash, detects the various files (photos, videos, MP3 sounds, documents of all formats ...) when deleted. It compresses them for saving. It thus offers you the possibility of restoring them when the need arises. You even have the possibility to preview these files in Dumpster before launching their restoration.

In this way, you are spared the hassle of finding your deleted and therefore lost data. The operation of the Dumpster basket is identical to that of PC and other computers. For the files to disappear permanently, just empty the trash after deleting. What are the features of Dumpster?

1- Instant file recovery

This application saves you time and relieves you of stress after finding that your data has been lost. You just have to go to the trash and click on the desired file. Then click on “cancel deletion” and the file will automatically reappear on your phone.

2- Possibility of configuration

It is possible to configure this application in order to optimize its various available services. It can thus work with videos, documents (VCF and HTML cards, APK files), images or photos, audio files and others. Backing up your data may last as long as possible. A final deletion is possible manually or on automatic programming (purge after a defined time) to empty the trash.

3- Reduced phone memory clutter

This application offers the possibility to its users to save their data (various documents, images, videos…) on a premium Cloud version. Indeed, the Dumpster cloud promotes file backup without using your phone memory. It is a very reliable and economical backup.

4- Other features

The application is completely free and available on the internet. It saves you the hassle of cleaning because it has a self-cleaning option. It also has an option to protect your photos by screen lock. In order to satisfy the maximum number of users around the world, the Dumpster application is available in almost 14 languages.

Recycle Bin and Google Photos

Recycle Bin is an application that provides transient storage space for deleted files for possible restoration. It works like the recycle bin on PC computers.

Sending files to the trash by this application can be done manually or by automatic adjustment. Automatic sending is done by configuring the folder list and the categories of files to be sent preferably to the trash. If you wish to permanently delete data, simply enter the application and select "permanently delete". For recovery, simply select "recovery" in the Recycle Bin application.

Google Photos is also one of the best trash apps suitable for the Android system. He specializes in backing up files, especially photos and videos. It has the particularity of offering you unlimited storage space. Indeed, Google synchronizes your data by backing up your photos and videos. Thus, the storage space of your phone is freed for more recordings.

To fully benefit from the services of these applications which simplify our daily life by archiving our data, we must ensure that they are correctly installed on your mobile phone.

How to install a recycle bin on your Android phone using an application?

To benefit from the advantages of a basket on Android, an installation is essential. Before installation, you must first download the application from the Google Play Store. To install it, click on Dumpster and accept the user conditions. Then, you must check all the boxes relating to images, documents, videos and audio. This phase allows you to recover any file concerning one of these checked boxes.

After installing the application, you must configure it before using it. To do this, press the menu located at the top left of your screen then press parameter. In the configuration, click on "protect the parameters". In this menu, you must choose the files (images, videos, etc.) that you want to protect. They will remain in the trash. Finally, press the “back” icon located at the top left to return to the settings. Click on the "automatic cleaning" option and select the cleaning time after which the files will be permanently deleted. This duration can be 1 week, 1 month or 3 months.

After setting up your application, delete a file to restore it as a test. To do this, you must enter the installed application. Then select the deleted file you want to restore and then click on " restore Which is at the bottom left of your phone screen. The file will reappear in its original place. It is thus restored. By following this procedure, rest assured that all of your deleted files and data can be recovered. This cannot be effective without first installing a trash can on your phone.