Our phones are now essential, and an Honor Play 3 that does not work well may disrupt your daily life. We will explain in this file how to reset your phone to start again on a healthy basis. For that, discover how to format an Honor Play 3? To do this, first we will tell you why it can be useful and when to format your Android phone, and, secondly, how to format your Honor Play 3?


When and for what reasons should I format my Honor Play 3?

We start our tutorial by explaining to you the interest of this radical action. In practice, formatting your Honor Play 3 is not common. You should know that this procedure will reset your phone, as if you had just bought it. Formatting your phone consists of deleting all the data on it and restore factory settings. Find below the different situations in which it can be useful to realize it:

  • Format your Honor Play 3 after a system update : Some updates may not be optimized for your Android phone, or may contain bugs. If you experience it after an update, formatting it will allow you to recover normal use.
  • Format your Honor Play 3 because of slowdowns or to give it a second youth: If you have the impression that your mobile phone is excessively slow and you cannot find the source of this malfunction, formatting can be an interesting option.
  • Format your Honor Play 3 due to bug or improper handling: Our phones are capable of many actions, but the opening of certain corrupted files or the installation of certain applications can significantly disturb its operation, in this situation a formatting will allow to start again on healthy bases.

How to format your Honor Play 3?

We will now proceed to the implementation of this action and we will explain the two methods to format your Honor Play 3. The first can be done in case you can still use the vast majority of the functions of your phone and the second if ever the bugs are too large or your touch does not respond. Whatever happens, we advise you to make a backup of your data before any formatting, or at the very least transfer by USB all your photos / data to keep, because formatting will erase them all.

Format your Honor Play 3 by phone settings

To format your Honor Play 3 by phone settings, nothing easier, follow the steps below. Before this manipulation, it is recommended to desynchronize Android accounts linked to the phone , this manipulation is carried out in the "Settings" then in "Accounts" and finally "Delete the account", this will allow you to avoid a massive loss of your data.

  • Go to the “Settings” of your Honor Play 3
  • Depending on the Android version, go to "Global Management" or "Backup and reset"
  • Then "Reset Phone"
  • “Confirm”, your Honor Play 3 sometimes asks you for the PIN code to validate the manipulation

Be careful, as we told you earlier, all your downloaded applications, music, photos and other data will be deleted, as well as software updates. Also consider having more 80% battery to start this manipulation energy consuming and long.

Format your Honor Play 3 through the recovery menu

This solution also called hard Reset is going to be performed by the phone's BIOS, a light version of the operating system of your Honor Play 3 which is more or less the equivalent of the safe mode of your computer. To format your Honor Play 3 via the recovery menu follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Press the "Home", "Volume up" and "Power" button at the same time to start the procedure. On some versions you will have to use different combinations ("Home", "Volume down" and "Power"; or "Volume up", "Volume down" and "Power ")
  • To navigate in the recovery mode use the “Volume up” and “Volume down” buttons to move around and “Power” to validate your choices.
  • Select "Wip Data" / "Factory Reset"
  • The procedure will start and reset your Honor Play 3

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