The memory of Wiko Jerry 3 reaches saturation of its storage capacity? To continue downloading applications and multimedia content, taking photos and videos, or even making full use of all the features of your smartphone, you will need to free up memory on it. We will precisely discover, in this article, how to free up space on your Wiko Jerry 3? To start with, we will see how to free memory on your Wiko Jerry 3 on the application side. And then we will find out how to free up storage space by deleting files or media.


Solutions to free up space on your Wiko Jerry 3 on the application side

Uninstall applications to recover space on your Wiko Jerry 3

To get started to quickly gain storage space on your Wiko Jerry 3, sort through your applications downloaded and uninstall those you no longer need. These use a lot of data and saturate the internal memory of your Android smartphone. To do this:

  • See you in the » Parameters  »
  • Click in the submenu » Applications  »
  • Choose the larger ones and the ones you no longer use
  • Click on " Uninstall  »

Namely that the moment you uninstall an application and need it afterwards, you necessarily have the power to download it again. The same applies to paid applications, you can download it again without having to pay it again.

Clear app cache or delete data

For the apps you care about and don't want to uninstall, you can empty the cache . The cache keeps the information collected by the application each time it is used: it is its short-term memory. Emptying this cache frequently is a good way to free up space on your Wiko Jerry 3, however, it is also to avoid bugs and application slowdowns related to data saturation. To free up storage space in an application through the cache:

  • Go to the " Parameters  »Of your Wiko Jerry 3
  • Open menu » Applications  »
  • Choose one or more apps you want to clean
  • Click on the option » Warehousing  »
  • Click on " Clear Cache  » 

You can also delete data   an application to save even more space on your Wiko Jerry 3. However, while clearing the cache does not delete the main application files, deleting the data does loss of all settings and data such as the password and username, or even downloaded elements (game backup, downloaded music, etc.). In other words, it's like downloading the app for the first time.

Download an application to free up space on your Wiko Jerry 3

Spring cleaning for your phone isn't over yet. To free up memory space on your Wiko Jerry 3 you can use a application Google Files Go . This application allows you to clean your phone in a simple, fast and automatic way. For example, it removes unnecessary files, eliminates duplicates, uninstalls unused apps, and cleans your phone's caches. Of course, there are hints to choose what you want to delete. It may further be used for back up your files to the cloud and thus gain in storage space.

Here's how to free up space using this app:

  • Launch the application Google Files Go .
  • Select mode "Storage" or the mode "Files " page (in French).
  • Storage mode can be divided into three categories: “unused applications”, “downloaded files” and “large files”.
  • Select the category that interests you . The affected files or applications appear on your screen.
  • Select the apps or files you want to remove of your Wiko Jerry 3.
  • Click on the "Uninstall" button or " Remove " page (in French).

Free up storage space on your Wiko Jerry 3 by deleting files

Delete or move photos and videos to free up memory

To save precious Gigabytes on your phone, we advise you to look at the recorded media side. In fact, high definition quality photos and media are often the cause of the storage space saturation on your Wiko Jerry 3.

In the event that you do not want to delete them, you can transfer them to a  external storage space.   To do this, 3 solutions are available to you:

  • Assuming you want to keep your precious memories on your phone without cluttering up the internal memory of your Wiko Jerry 3, the technique is on the application side Google Photo . This application will allow you to save your photos in high quality (2048px), without physically storing them in the internal memory of your Android smartphone.
  • A SD card is also a good option for freeing up additional storage space, while keeping your files always with you. Note that you can additionally put your applications on the SD card of your Wiko Jerry 3.
  • And in the situation where you don't want your photos or videos constantly handy, transfer your media and files to a computer or a Hard disk remains one of your options.

Delete the downloaded items on your Wiko Jerry 3

To save memory space on your Wiko Jerry 3, delete the movies, series, music, GPS maps or other downloaded media which you no longer need. In fact, they can also occupy a good part of the internal memory if they are not erased periodically. You can do it manually by browsing the applications or by going to the Google Play Store where you can directly find all the items you have purchased on the platform:

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Open the application Google Play Movies & TV, Play Books or Play Music .
  • Click on the » Menu  »
  • Select the » Parameters  »
  • Click on " Manage downloads  »
  • Choose the items you want to delete and press » Remove  »

Erase unnecessary files from your Wiko Jerry 3

Finally, to finish freeing up space on your Wiko Jerry 3, you can get rid of manually certain files and documents downloaded from your browser or your applications:

  • Open the " Parameters  »
  • See you in the Warehousing
  • Click on " files  »
  • Select a folder
  • Delete a file or all one dossier by selecting it

Depending on the version of your Android, you can also opt for an automatic cleaning mode to avoid cluttering the storage of your Wiko Jerry 3. In this specific case, your phone detects and deletes unnecessary files without touching your relevant files (media, backups, downloads, etc.). To do this:

  • See you in the Parameters
  • Select Warehousing
  • Click on " Clean  »

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