Used to exchange and view photos or videos of a maximum duration of 10 seconds, the Snapchat app has been established for many years as one of the essential social networks. Designed to share a temporary moment, beyond this viewing time of a few seconds, shared files are directly erased from the database and lost forever. For this reason, many of us want to take screenshots and keep these precious memories. In this article we will then see how to make a Snapchat Screenshots on a Blackview BV9700 Pro ? We will first find out how to take a screenshot with notification, then in a second step, how to make a Snacpchat Screenshots without the sender receiving a notification.


How to take Snapchat screenshot on Blackview BV9700 Pro with notification

It is important to inform you that when you take a Screenshot on Snapchat with your Blackview BV9700 Pro, the application automatically sends a notification message to the sender. If that's not a problem for you, the two techniques that we will detail below are the ones you need. You can take a screenshot either with the buttons of your Android smartphone, or directly by using your screen. Whatever happens, as soon as you take a Screenshot on your Blackview BV9700 Pro, it is saved in the Gallery of your smartphone, your possible SD card or in a folder Screenshot .

Take a Snapchat Screenshots on a Blackview BV9700 Pro with the buttons

For capture the Snap that a friend sent you, you can use the buttons of your Blackview BV9700 Pro. This solution is the easiest to use and the most common. Depending on the version of your Android, two methods are available to you:

  • In the event that you have a button » Home  »Keep this key pressed and the on / off button simultaneously.
  • If your Android smartphone does not have this button, use the button on / off and volume down at the same time. If this maneuver does not work either, you should know that at times on certain smartphone versions you have to press the button simultaneously. on / off and top volume simultaneously.

Small precision, you have a short time to make your screenshot. Put your fingers in position on the buttons before displaying the snap you want to save!

Take a Snapchat screenshot on a Blackview BV9700 Pro with the screen

It can happen for various reasons that the solution described above does not work. Don't worry, there is another way to run a Snapchat Screenshot on a Blackview BV9700 Pro without even touching any of these buttons. The solution is to use only screen from your smartphone:

  • Open the app » Snapchat  »
  • Slide your finger to the right on the snap you want to open
  • Keep your finger on the square pictogram
  • Your sender's Snap will then be saved

How to take a Snapchat screenshots on a Blackview BV9700 Pro without notification

As we said, Snapchat was invented to be an ephemeral social sharing network. The videos, texts and photos that you receive on the application are thus intended to be erased once viewed. And to make sure that its users' content is protected, Snapchat has implemented a notice that lets the sender know if you've taken a screenshot. However, in the event that you still want to defy the prohibitions and take a Snapchat Screenshot on your Blackview BV9700 Pro without being seen, we will find out what to do:

  • Go to the app » Snapchat  »
  • Load the Snap you want to save without opening it
  • Activate  » airplane mode  »Of your Blackview BV9700 Pro
  • Open the snap and do your Screenshot with one of the two procedures discussed above
  • See you in the Settings of the application et log out
  • Close the app in the Task Manager of your smartphone
  • Disable "airplane mode" .
  • Open Snapchat again and reconnect . To be sure of your success, you will need to see that the snap you just captured is still available for viewing. If ever this is the case, the mention "  you took a screenshot   Will not appear.

We recommend that you do a trial run by sending yourself a Snap to make sure you do the technique well.

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