We always use our smartphones more and more, whether for work or staying in touch with loved ones, they have now become essential. It is therefore logical to want to customize the interface of your HTC Desire 19+. In the event that you are in regular contact with a large part of your loved ones, you will be delighted to discover in this guide how to put a photo on a contact with his HTC Desire 19+? In practice, note that it is possible, whether for calls or SMS conversations, to assign a photo to any contact, and thus to see it displayed each time you interact with it. via your HTC Desire 19+.

We will first, find out how to assign a photo to any contact on your HTC Desire 19+, and, secondly, how to add a photo to a Whatsapp contact.

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How to put a photo on a Whatsapp contact with his HTC Desire 19+?

You are not the first to ask yourself the question, it is research that is regularly carried out on the net. How to put or change the photo of a Whatsapp contact on HTC Desire 19+? You may have noticed that some of your contacts have "profile" photos and some others do not. You may not like the photo your contact chose, or you want to assign one to someone who hasn't defined one. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed to learn, that it is not possible to edit a Whatsapp contact photo on HTC Desire 19+. In practice, this option is only accessible to each user, like you, each user can choose or not to assign a photo to his account and to change it when he wants. Unfortunately, you will therefore not be able to modify the Whatsapp database, even locally. In the event that you wish to choose the photo of a contact, we therefore advise you to follow the information presented in the second part of this article and to exchange with him rather by SMS or by traditional call to have your favorite photo. .

In the event that you wish to discover how to import contacts from the SIM card to your HTC Desire 19+, take a look at this article to find out the procedure to follow.

How to put a photo on contact of HTC Desire 19+?

We now move on to what probably attracts the majority of you, how to assign a photo to a contact on HTC Desire 19+? This procedure is particularly simple and makes it possible to humanize a little the exchanges by smartphones which are less and less so. In this context, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to the app » Contacts  »Of your HTC Desire 19+. In the event that you know the contact whose photo you want to change, you can also directly search for their name or number in the application ” Phone " page (in French).
  • Once you have found the contact in question click on it to display his » Profile ", On some versions of Android, you will have to click on the symbol" i  " to achieve this.
  • Once on the card, click on the icon in the form of a camera or in the form of a character. This will change depending on the software version installed on your HTC Desire 19+. Usually this icon is located at the top of the screen.
  • You will now have two possibilities, either you click " Gallery  »To put a photo on the contact of HTC Desire 19+ directly from the photos saved on your device. Or, you choose the second option » Camera  »And, therefore, you will directly take a photo of the person or what you want to represent it. You can also, if you do not have the person with you, or a photo of the latter with you, assign them an Emoji, they are on the upper part of your screen.
  • Whether you go through the option " Gallery  "Or the option" Camera  »To define a photo for a contact of your HTC Desire 19+, after having selected the snapshot, you can crop it. This option is particularly practical because it is only a small preview of a photo that will be displayed in SMS conversations or when you call this contact.
  • To crop the photo, you will just have to move the square on the photo and center the area that interests you in it. You can also, by dragging a corner of the square, enlarge and shrink this area.

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