install coyote android auto

With Android Auto, you can control your Android smartphone and its content from your car. The controls are on the steering wheel, and voice control is also available. With your car screen, you can see some useful apps like Google Maps, your contacts for making a call, or your music. Your car must be compatible, which is the case with many models today. And if your vehicle is too old, the installation of a suitable car radio is possible. Android Auto allows you to use your smartphone in the car, in complete safety. You don't need to hold it in your hand or look away from the road. And thanks to voice commands and the famous "OK Google", Android Auto gives you the ability to just talk to control it!
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Install Android Auto on your Android smartphone

Before you can use Coyoteon your car, you will have to install Android auto on it. To install Android Auto on your Android smartphone, nothing could be simpler! It is an application like many others, which you can download from Google Play. First of all, you need to check that your smartphone is recent enough to operate it, and that you benefit from the latest Android updates. The version you need as a minimum is version 5.1 of Android, called Android Lollipop, or a later version. But for the Android Auto app to work as well as possible, it's best to have the version called Android Marshmallow, version 6.0 of the operating system. With a recent smartphone, the use of Android Auto will be optimal. Once you have verified that your Android smartphone is compatible, go to Google Play to download the application Android Auto. Do not hesitate to download this wifi, it can be large. When you next open the application for the first time, you will have to do a number of operations. Android Auto will first check that the compatible applications on your smartphone are up to date. This will allow optimized use of all your content. You will also need to approve the terms of use, and above all authorize Android Auto to use the applications and functions of your smartphone, such as giving access to contacts for example. The application also advises you to activate notifications, so that it works best. Once this installation is complete, you can connect your smartphone to your car in the usual way by Bluetooth, and start usingAndroid Auto ! To learn more about the association between the smartphone and the car, see our article: How to connect Android Auto wired or wireless?

How to use the Coyote app from the car screen

install coyote android auto

It is now impossible to use the application Coyote from the car screen with Android Auto. Google prefers to favor its own GPS navigation applications, namely Google Maps and Waze. The Coyote application is therefore currently excluded from Google's service. It is however possible to use Coyote on the car screen with the MirrorLink service using your Android smartphone. To do this, you will need to subscribe to a Coyote subscription as well as choose the MirrorLink option in the application.

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