If you are familiar with Windows or Mac, you have surely realized that it is not possible to accomplish so many procedures and have access to so much data on your Blackview BV5500. It is mainly because of the risk of security vulnerabilities that the Android operating system is "restricted" for the end user. However, this type of restriction restricts enthusiasts of new technologies from taking full advantage of their mobile and they are often frustrated. Despite everything, there is a technique that allows you to completely unlock your Blackview BV5500, the root! In this guide, we are going to teach you what it is and how to root your Blackview BV5500? You will first discover the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Blackview BV5500, then, the procedure to root yours.


Root your Blackview BV5500, what is it?

Before showing you in detail the technique to implement to take advantage of all the specificities of your Blackview BV5500, we will quickly teach you what a Root is, and what are the elements to take into account before embarking on it. 'adventure.

What is the point of rooting your Blackview BV5500?

As we explained to you a little above, Android mobile phones, just like IOS, are "restricted" so you do not have the original possibility of having access to all the specific features of your smartphone as well as to all files. The word "Root" comes from the English "root", implied have access to the source files of your phone . Using this access you will be able, for example, to install different versions of the operating system of your Blackview BV5500, uninstall pre-installed applications, move applications to the SD card, etc.

In short, being able to root your Blackview BV5500 will allow you to multiply your capabilities and become completely in control. That said, this manipulation is not trivial, and you will see below that it is necessary to think about it before starting it.

What are the pros and cons of rooting a Blackview BV5500

We will now quickly present the advantages and disadvantages to root your Blackview BV5500. As we explained to you beforehand, the advantages are multiple for insiders and those who want to get more from their mobile. In particular, you will be able to “overclock” your processor to improve the overall performance of the smartphone, or go back to a system update that slows down your Blackview BV5500. This will give you full access to the files and functionality of your smartphone. You should know all the same that this requires some "computer" knowledge even if you find most of the tutorials on the web.

Regarding the risks and drawbacks of rooting your Blackview BV5500, one of the main drawbacks is that you can lose the manufacturer's warranty. This is not the case for all manufacturers, and it is necessary to inquire before doing it, they are less and less to do it but it is still the case for some manufacturers. In addition, since the smartphone clamping for the average user is enabled for security reasons, the rooter will open security holes and make your Blackview BV5500 more vulnerable to spyware or malware .

How to root your Blackview BV5500?

We now move on to the concrete technique and introduce you how to root your Blackview BV5500. There are two ways to root your smartphone. The first is done through software and a computer and the second is done directly from your phone.

How to root Blackview BV5500 with a computer?

We will first show you the solution to root your Blackview BV5500 using a computer. To do this, we will need connect your Blackview BV5500 to your computer, you can take a look at our article if it happens that you don't know how to do it. When you have connected your smartphone to your computer, you will need to implement the following instructions to root your Blackview BV5500:

  • Once your Blackview BV5500 is connected, activate the USB debugging option in the » Parameters  From your phone.
  • You now need to recover the software that will allow you to root your Blackview BV5500, this little program is called a Rooting Toolkit . There are several such as Windroid Toolkit, Vroot ... We suggest that you type in Google the model of your Blackview BV5500 plus “Rooting Toolkit” because the programs often change according to the Android updates and you will be sure to find the most suitable for your model.
  • Once downloaded, install the program on your computer, start it and follow the instructions to very quickly Root your Blackview BV5500 with your computer.

How to root Blackview BV5500 without using a computer?

Finally, we will now show you the technique to root your Blackview BV5500 without using a computer. Indeed, having a computer is not given to everyone, and this is precisely the reason why programmers have looked into this problem and have developed methods so that you can obtain root on your Blackview BV5500 without you. serve as a PC. You will have to get a third-party application that will take care of the procedure. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your " Parameters ", Then in" Safety  " or " System  "(Depending on your Android version) and activate the option" Allow apps from unknown sources ". By activating this option this will allow you to install the Root application on your Blackview BV5500 which is not on the Play Store for understandable “security” reasons from the brand's point of view.
  • As seen in the procedure with computer, type in Google “Root Toolkit APK Blackview BV5500” to find the most recent application which corresponds to the model of your smartphone. You will surely have to stumble upon KingoRoot or OneClickRoot, which are two of the best performing apps.
  • Install the application on your smartphone and launch it.
  • Now apply the on-screen directions to root your Blackview BV5500 very quickly.

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