In the event that you are a photographer, you probably have a Huawei Y5 full of your vacation photos or memories with loved ones. It is convenient to keep them on your phone because it allows you to recall good memories at any time. However, our smartphones are becoming real digital cameras, and inevitably, the essential storage to store our ever more detailed photos is important. Fortunately, recently, manufacturers have often made the effort to add a slot for an SD card on the Huawei Y5. This will allow you to store your photos on this memory card. We will teach you, in this article, how to capture photos by default from your Huawei Y5 on an SD card?

To do this, first of all, we'll show you how to transfer photos from your Huawei Y5 to your SD card, and, secondly, how to configure your SD card as the default storage for photos of your Huawei Y5.


How to transfer photos from your Huawei Y5 to an SD card?

In the event that you have internal memory problems with your Huawei Y5, you will probably experience some slowdowns in your use of it. One of the first things to do in our opinion to regain normal use of your smartphone is to move all the photos from your Huawei Y5 to your memory card. On the condition of course that you have enough storage space on it. This will free up space on the internal memory on your smartphone and if it happens that you are not sure you want to automatically store your next photos on the SD card of your Huawei Y5, this will give you the possibility to continue operating from the same way. Discover the method to follow below:

  • Launch your file management application: My files / File manager . The name of this folder may be different depending on the version of Android.
  • Go to your » SD card «, Create a folder by making a long press, this folder will be used as space in which you will transfer the photos to the internal memory of your Huawei Y5.
  • Once your destination folder has been created, all you have to do is go back, click on » Internal memory  " or " Internal storage " page (in French).
  • Once in this folder you need to find the location of your photos, they are often in folders called " Pictures "/" Photos "/" DCIM “, It's up to you to see what your device has named this folder.
  • You will just have to make a long press on the photo folder to transfer to the memory card of your Huawei Y5 and click on » Move  »And select the destination folder you just created on your external storage. In the event that you do not have the option " Move ", Make a simple" Cut and paste  Which will have the same result.

In the event that you want to free yourself up space by transferring your photos to a pc, find out how to connect your Huawei Y5 to a computer.

How to automatically save photos from my Huawei Y5 to my memory card?

Finally, we will show you once this achievement is accomplished how to make sure set your SD card as default storage for photos on your Huawei Y5. This process is particularly easy, you just have to follow the few instructions below to change this original setting:

Classic procedure to configure an SD card as the default location for saving photos of a Huawei Y5

  • Make sure your SD card is inserted correctly in your Huawei Y5.
  • Go to your application » Camera " page (in French).
  • See you in the » Settings  By clicking on the toothed wheel.
  • Click on " Storage location " page (in French).
  • Now select the SD card as the default storage.

In the event that you are unable to make this adjustment proceed to the next part.

Set your SD card as default storage for your Huawei Y5

In the event that you cannot do the procedure by changing only the storage of photos, you will have to go to the general settings of your Huawei Y5 and set your SD card as the default location for ALL the items saved on your device. smartphone, here is the procedure:

  • Go to » Settings  From your Huawei Y5.
  • After checking that your memory card is correctly inserted in your smartphone go to the »tab Storage " page (in French).
  • Now click on the 3 small dots at the top right.
  • Then on " Storage settings " page (in French).
  • Now click on » Format  »(Be careful to remove your data to keep before the SD card, because to become the main storage of your Huawei Y5 it must be formatted and therefore erased.

That's it all your files and photos will be automatically saved to the memory card of your Huawei Y5.

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