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Google, the American internet giant, continues its breakthrough in the automotive field. In this sense, since 2014, he has been promoting a new concept: Android Auto. The suspense over the new Google adventure was lifted on Wednesday 25 June 2014, the date of publication of the new technology. This invention clearly shows that Android is not just limited to smartphones, phones and other connected watches. It also operates the automotive field.

What does Android Auto mean and how does the concept work? 

Android Auto is an Android system that connects your Smartphone to your vehicle to allow you to track music, read your messages and even make a phone call. This process promotes interaction between devices (Smartphone, tablet) and multimedia services in a vehicle. It is therefore an alternative to using your phone while driving. In addition, all the information received by your laptop is visible on the dashboard of the vehicle. But how does it work ? 

To access this system, your Smartphone must have an Android Lollipop. The same goes for the car. Besides, some vehicle models are adapted to this technology. In reality, this system is not independent, because the data comes from your device. To make this connection between the Smartphone and your vehicle, you must use a USB cable or Bluetooth technology, as the case may be. How does it work in practice?
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How to configure Android Auto? 

configure android auto

Setting up Android Auto on your car is a simple operation. Just follow a few practical steps. From the outset, you must have an Android Lollipop or Marshmallow 6.0 phone. If that's the case, you've come a third of the way, because most of Android Auto is done on the phone. Then you need to download the Android Auto app. This is available on Google play. But above all, check the fluidity of the internet connection during the operation! For this reason, it is advisable to be near a Wi-Fi network during configuration. Once downloaded, the application guides you through a few operations, including downloading or updating Google Maps. It also informs you about the conditions of use and the safety warnings. Your phone has functions that are essential for the system to work. For that, it is important to give all the authorizations which you are asked during the configuration. Then click on "Activate notifications"! Finally, permanently trigger the system by pressing "activate"! 

After completing all the steps on your phone, turn to the vehicle screen! Beforehand, it must be connected to your laptop by USB cable. The conditions under which your vehicle can adapt to Android Auto are similar to those mentioned above for your phone. Your car must therefore work with the Marschall or Lollipop Android system. If so, check the internet connection! Near a WiFi network, the configuration is faster. In addition, let us emphasize another important detail: your vehicle must be compatible with the application! The installation of the latter is done in the vehicle settings. Then proceed to update Google Maps! If the download of this data has not yet been done, start with this operation! This is done with a USB cable. The next step is to connect the phone. Here, some precautions are to be taken into account: start the car and be sure to have enough time to complete the configuration! Unlock the phone and link it to the vehicle using your USB cable! Then proceed to the update mentioned above, failing to download! At this stage, the conditions of use will be published again on the display of your Smartphone. Click "Notifications for Android Auto" and "Activate"! During this time, the phone and the vehicle are automatically linked by Bluetooth. After clicking on "activate", the system is launched.

To connect your car screen to a wireless network, the process described for connecting with a USB cable remains the same. The process can be summarized in four points: having an adapted Android; downloading the application; connection to the Wifi network; opening and monitoring the Android Auto guide. Unlike connecting with a USB cable, the wireless connection is slower, but the difference is only a few seconds. Whether the connection is by USB cable or wireless, the automobile must be running but immobilized. For this, the driver must have enough time to configure and connect the various devices. The vehicle and the phone merge to facilitate the deportation of orders. Furthermore, it should be noted thatAndroid Auto works through "Ok Google". That means you can start your Internet search or play your music just by talking on your on-screen screen. For more details on connection: How to connect Android Auto wired or wireless?

Android Auto and Car Connection? How it works ?

For connect Android Auto to a car, just establish a link between it and your Smartphone through a USB plug. After performing this operation, Bluetooth must be activated. This process allows you to control your vehicle by a simple word or by manipulation of the touch panel interface. The link is compulsory for optimizing the functions of this system, like GPS navigation, reading messages or music, mobile telephony, etc. The advantages of this system are numerous.

The Benefits of Android Auto

Configuring this system on your automobile solves many problems. You avoid accidents, because this technology triggers an alarm in the event of danger. The same is true of traffic jams and radars, which are also likely to trigger the alarm. Internet search and GPS navigation, which the system has, allow you to take the best route. So you save more time. These same features give you information about the next fuel station and the nearest parking lot. In the event of a breakdown, the cheapest garage is also indicated to you. Notifications and messages, which reach you through this technology, can inform you about the situation of your destination. In this way, you can be notified of a canceled event, which will encourage you to turn around and thus save time. The system also prevents you from bad weather, showers and other thunderstorms. 

This artificial intelligence is open to innovations. Indeed, several applications can be added to your Autoplay. In this way, this technology brings a daily advantage in the automotive field. As an illustration, the wearing of headphones is prohibited while driving under French law. However, the concept of Google gives you the opportunity to listen to music and news without wearing headphones. Likewise, it saves you from handling your laptop while driving, a gesture that would undermine the Highway Code. This technology suggests more responsible driving. The dashboard, which acts as a remote screen, can tell us about the speed to have depending on the state of the road. However, the system presents some dangers in other situations.

Risks of Google Auto

Google’s Android automotive app can cause traffic accidents. Indeed, the dashboard can in certain situations distract the driver. What is more, the constant use of this system on your vehicle increases energy consumption, which could weaken the battery. Handling a dashboard can also have the same consequences as using the phone while driving. Moreover, it is surprising to make a difference between the two uses, as French law has done. Advanced innovation in this area can be a danger to the safety of individuals. Artificial intelligence can make vehicles connected to this technology undetectable. Radars and GPS could no longer allow the police to find the fleeing thugs. Despite the risks presented by this Google technology, it is still an innovation beneficial to motorists. 

Which French brands are suitable for Google Auto?

As we pointed out above, having an Android system is the sine qua non for accessing this technology. In France, several manufacturers meet this need. These include Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, etc. It is up to you to make the choice that suits you to take advantage of Google's automotive technology. 


To use Google's Android Auto, you need a device running Android Lollipop or Marshmallow, an Android version car, and a very smooth Wi-Fi connection. This technology is an artificial intelligence that gives access to GPS navigation, Internet research, reading music and messages. All of this is simply done on your dashboard. How it works ? Simply make a voice command or tap your car interface! With these features, this technology allows you to avoid traffic accidents. Internet search and GPS navigation allow you to follow the best route to save time.

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