You may not be aware, this being the case smartphones are enormously powerful, especially when you look at the photography side. It is suddenly no longer rare to use your smartphone instead of a digital camera and even an SLR. However, the more they improve, the more it is possible to use professional-type modes. We will precisely, in this guide, discover how to use the camera of your Oppo K3. To do this, first of all, we will briefly find out how to take photos with your Oppo K3, then what to do to record videos. And, finally, how to use the other shooting modes of the camera of your Oppo K3.


How do I take a photo with the camera of my Oppo K3?

So we start our article with the basics , take photos with the camera of your Oppo K3. Although the majority of young people know how to use it quite simply because they grew up with it, a part of the population is still new to the use of smartphones. It is these profiles who will be happy to understand the basics of using the camera of their Oppo K3.

As we explained to you just before, the precision of smartphone photosensors has been surprising for some time now, and it is specifically on this criterion that brands are fighting a fierce battle. In the event that you do not know how to read the technical characteristics of a camera, do not hesitate to remember a value, megapixels (also indicated as "Mp"). This is the quantity of pixels present on the optical sensor of the smartphone. The more pixels you have, the greater the amount of detail recorded and the greater the level of detail. This being the case, you will also have to analyze many other values ​​such as the aperture of the focal length (amount of light captured), the aperture angle (more or less shooting), the number of images per seconds captured… All of these values ​​are technical and do not need to be known in order to use your Oppo K3 camera. In the event that you want change the resolution of photos or videos of your Oppo K3, we invite you to take a look at our article.

For take pictures with your smartphone, you must therefore:

  • Switch on the application » Camera  " or " Camera  »Depending on your Android version.
  • Make sure you are in "mode" Photo  »(Default mode when opening the app).
  • Place your Oppo K3 horizontally or vertically depending on the style of photography you want to capture (vertical rather for portraits and horizontal rather for landscapes).
  • Tap your screen on the area you want to highlight (focus).
  • Press the central button to capture the photo with your Oppo K3.

How to take a video with the camera of my Oppo K3?

All Oppo K3s are now able to take quality videos. You should not think of becoming a film director either, but you will be able to capture moments in a more than correct way and even watch them on your computer or even your TV. Regarding the video mode of your Oppo K3, it's the same principle, you will have to follow the same steps as seen previously:

  • Open the app » Camera  " or " Camera  »From your Oppo K3.
  • Switch to video mode either by swiping the screen left or right (depending on your version of Android), or by pressing the »tab Video  " at the bottom of the screen.
  • Focus on the area that interests you by clicking on it on the screen.
  • Start video recording with your Oppo K3 by clicking on the red button in the center of the screen.

How to use the different shooting modes of the camera of my Oppo K3?

In addition to video and photo modes, the Oppo K3 now offer particularly interesting assisted shooting modes that allow you to capture moments of life in a more dynamic or artistic way. If you want make a photo montage on your Oppo K3, see this article. Here are the main modes you can use on the camera of your Oppo K3.

How do I take a panorama with the camera of my Oppo K3?

There is a particularly interesting mode for take 360 ​​degree photos with the camera of your Oppo K3. You just have to launch your application » Camera  " or " Camera ", Then click on the" tab Plus  »Or on the toothed wheel and finally click on panorama mode. For more information take a look at our complete guide.

How to use the camera of my Oppo K3 to make a slow motion video?

Particularly appreciated for capturing sporting moments, the Slowmotion mode can now be used on a majority of smartphones. To use it you will have to perform the same manipulation as for the panorama, first of all launch the application » Camera  »Of your Oppo K3, then click on slow motion shooting mode by clicking on» Plus  Or by searching in the settings. For more details, take a look at our guide on Slowmotions videos with an Oppo K3.

How to use the Pro mode of my Oppo K3?

There is a mode called " BESS “, Which is this being reserved for photo enthusiasts. Thanks to this mode, you will be able to fully configure all the camera settings of your Oppo K3. Like you have an SLR camera. You will suddenly be able to take pictures at your convenience and bring out what you want in a scene. Obviously, this mode is limited by the capabilities of the camera of your Oppo K3. You will not find the quality of a Reflex, but you will still be able to take technical shots in which you will have to modify, for example, the ISOs, the aperture of the focal length, the shutter speed… You will find this mode in the tab " Plus  Or in the settings of your Camera application.

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