Our mobile phones are now able to perform a good number of tasks, we are able to send emails, recover files, work, however it is still capable of performing its primary function, telephoning! Unfortunately, some phone users have encountered original problems to say the least. Samsung Galaxy J7 calls alone, in these moments, what to do? We have written this article to help you solve this problem. First we will show you why he makes phone calls for no reason, and in a second, we will reveal the solutions available to you to correct this problem.


Why is my Samsung Galaxy J7 making calls on my own?

Having your Samsung Galaxy J7 making phone calls on its own is really annoying. In addition to consuming your battery, it greatly harms your privacy because if it happens that the person called answers he will be able to hear everything you do. A phone that calls alone because it activates in its pocket can happen and can be explained by a bad screen lock, on the other hand a Samsung Galaxy J7 which calls alone while it is placed on a desk or in a bag is not logical, here are the two main reasons that can cause this worry

My Samsung Galaxy J7 makes unnecessary phone calls due to a software problem

First and main cause which can cause calls for no reason from your Samsung Galaxy J7. You are probably facing a software problem, more commonly called a "bug", you may be following an update, the installation of a new application, or any other new event on your smartphone. target of this concern. It is usually complicated to find the exact source of the worry, especially for the common people, but this does not prevent the origin of this worry is regularly linked to this kind of worry.

My Samsung Galaxy J7 calls for no reason due to a hack

Origin a little less common, because if you are a fan of spy films or the series "Office of Legends", you know that hacking Samsung Galaxy J7 does not lead to calls made without reason. In most cases, activating your microphone to hear your conversations is done in the background and not by making a phone call to one of your contacts. However, piracy exists and takes various forms, it is very unusual for it to be the explanation for this problem, however, it is one of the causes to be taken into account.

Solutions to stop your Samsung Galaxy J7 from calling itself

Finally, we are now going to reveal to you the two three solutions that we have found to allow you to correct your concern about Samsung Galaxy J7 which calls by itself.

Restart your Samsung Galaxy J7 to stop calls from your smartphone without reason

It may seem obvious, however, it is very rare these days that we restart our Samsung Galaxy J7 or turn it off, most people keep it on H24, suddenly, the smartphone can accumulate bugs . It is therefore healthy to, from time to time restart it to free the RAM and fix some bugs. We advise you to start with this solution before embarking on more complex processes.

Reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 to prevent your phone from making phone calls alone

More radical technique than restarting, however, also more efficient, you can reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 to make your smartphone no longer call for no reason. This will result in resetting it to the factory settings, meaning that you will only have the original applications and your memory will be erased. As a precaution, take the time to save all your useful data in connecting your Samsung Galaxy J7 to a computer. Now just follow the procedure below to reset it:

  • Make sure your smartphone has at least 80% battery, otherwise plug it into the mains
  • You turn to the “Settings” of your Samsung Galaxy J7
  • Then in " Advanced "or  » Reset options  »Depending on the Android version of your smartphone
  • Press on " Clear all data  " or " Reset phone  And confirm the procedure, you may be asked for your screen unlock code
  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy J7 and restore your data

Get in touch with the After-Sales Service to repair your Samsung Galaxy J7

In the event that despite all the attempts seen so far, you are still the victim of your Samsung Galaxy J7 problem which calls by itself, the last solution will be to get in touch with the after-sales service of the brand. Indeed, you are probably facing a complex software problem. In the event that you are under warranty the entire procedure will be taken care of by the manufacturer, otherwise it will probably cost you around 100 €.

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