If you have just purchased a new mobile phone, changed your SIM card or updated the software, you may experience problems receiving messages. Know that you are not the only one in this situation and that this concern regularly affects smartphone owners. There are several causes that can cause this type of problem and we will try to help you find a solution to your problem receiving MMS on Oppo Reno A.

To do this, to begin with, we will in turn see why you do not receive an MMS on your Oppo Reno A. Then, in a second step, see in turn the solutions you can implement to solve the problem. of which you are a victim.


Why am I not receiving MMS on my Oppo Reno A?

We will start this article by showing you the various problems receiving MMS on your Oppo Reno A. As we said beforehand, it is not uncommon to have problems receiving messages on an Oppo Reno A. MMS, unlike SMS, are multimedia messages, they need an internet network to be transferred from one device to another, so it is easier to have problems sending or reception of this type of message only with conventional SMS.

I am having problems receiving MMS due to the internet

The first and most common explanation of problem receiving MMS on Oppo Reno A is related to the internet. As we told you previously, without an internet connection it is impossible to transfer this kind of content over the classic mobile network. It often happens that MMS is not sent or received on your Oppo Reno A simply due to a bad internet connection. It also happens at times that the mobile phone does not receive the internet since the mobile data is turned off because you are in a foreign country.

I do not receive some MMS on my Oppo Reno A due to an APN setting

The second source of problems receiving MMS on an Oppo Reno A is less common but can still happen to you. This is usually a problem that affects people who change telephone operators or SIM cards. Indeed, MMS are first sent to a message center managed by the operator which quickly checks that the recipient's smartphone is well suited to MMS and which then transfers the content to the recipient. This being the case, it is sometimes possible that during the change of SIM card or operator that the APN is not correctly configured. The APN is the Access Point Name, it is actually the gateway between your Oppo Reno A and the telephone operator's internet network.

Problem with receiving MMS on Oppo Reno A because the content is too heavy

Finally, the last source of an MMS not receiving problem on Oppo Reno A is that the content sent by your correspondent is too heavy. Indeed, we are more and more used to sharing heavy content such as videos or photos in high quality. However, the maximum size of the weight of an MMS is capped at I 600 , and some operators limit the size to 300 KB.

Solutions to problems receiving MMS on Oppo Reno A

We now move on to the distinctions solutions to solve your problems receiving MMS on Oppo Reno A. There are several, we have sorted them in order, so we advise you to try the first solution each time before trying another.

Restart your Oppo Reno A to correct your worries about receiving messages

It may sound silly but a lot of the bugs are fixed by simply restarting the mobile phone. In the event that you want to solve your problems receiving MMS on Oppo Reno A, we recommend that you first restart your mobile phone and do a test (ask one of your contacts to send you an MMS). It is even possible that you will receive all pending messages.

You can also try to switch to airplane mode and return to normal mode to see if that makes a change and unlocks the pending MMSs on your Oppo Reno A.

Contact your operator to change your APN settings

As we said above, it is possible that you have malfunctions with the APN setting on your Oppo Reno A and that you suddenly have problems receiving MMS. However, in general, when you experience APN problems, the internet does not function normally. You should therefore also feel a concern at this level. In any case, you will have to contact your telephone operator because in the hypothesis that you do not receive MMS and that you receive the internet well, it is probably linked to a network problem and not a mobile one.

Factory reset your Oppo Reno A to fix your problems receiving MMS

Penultimate solution if you still have a problem receiving MMS on your Oppo Reno A despite the various attempts seen previously, you can try to reset your device. This manipulation is quite simple and will reset your phone to factory settings. The only problem with this process is that you will lose all the data saved on your Oppo Reno A. So remember to save your photos, videos, and other essential data on a computer or a USB key so as not to lose anything important. Apply the manipulation below to do it:

  • Open the app » Parameters  On your device.
  • Click on the menu » Policy "," Global management  " or " Reset  »Depending on the Android version installed on your Oppo Reno A.
  • Then go to the sub menu » Reset settings  »And confirm the operation.

Alternatives to MMS on Oppo Reno A

If you can not share all the content you want with MMS on your Oppo Reno A, we advise you to use other much more practical exchange platforms. Indeed, as we told you above, the size of MMS is really limited and corresponds less and less to the content that users want to send. We suggest that you instead use alternative messaging such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. These applications will compress your content anyway. In the event that you want to be sure that the quality of the content is not compromised, use Transferwise.

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