Smartphones are extremely useful tools, they have an impressive number of functions. Whether it is to listen to music, watch videos, check emails or orient yourself during your journeys by car or on foot, they are now essential. Despite everything, they can be subject to several problems, and today we will discuss the GPS issues on Google Pixel 5. To start we will look at how the GPS of your Google Pixel 5 works, then after the problems you may encounter and the solutions to correct them.


How does the GPS of my Google Pixel 5 work?

We therefore start our article with how your Google Pixel 5 GPS works . This technology was created decades ago and was originally used by the United States military. Since the 90s, this technology has been proposed for civil use. It gives the possibility through satellites to precisely locate an object , to do so, it uses a GPS chip which communicates with a set of satellites which revolve around the earth, there are around thirty of them. The accuracy of this data will be linked to three factors:

  • The quality of the GPS antenna
  • The number of satellites with which the GPS chip can exchange
  • The software used in your Google Pixel 5

The different GPS problems on Google Pixel 5 and their solutions

The different GPS problems on Google Pixel 5 and their origins

We therefore start this part with the various problems that you may encounter with the GPS of your Google Pixel 5.

  • The GPS of my Google Pixel 5 gives me an inaccurate position: It sometimes happens that this is due to different sources, either your antenna is damaged, or you are in an environment that is too deep and the bounced signal is therefore not giving a precise position.
  • The GPS of my Google Pixel 5 does not pick up the signal: In this case, your antenna may no longer work, or it may be a software problem.
  • The GPS signal from my Google Pixel 5 is not stable: In the latter situation, it is very often a software problem that is causing this problem.

How to solve a GPS problem on Google Pixel 5?

Finally, we move on to the part that certainly attracts you the most, what are the solutions to solve the GPS problem of your Google Pixel 5? To do this, we will discover in turn the different existing solutions:

  • Deactivate and reactivate your GPS: Basic but which can be useful because it will restart your GPS chip
  • Activate and deactivate airplane mode: Same logic as for the previous solution, resetting the connections of your Google Pixel 5 can be enough to solve your problems.
  • Restart your Google Pixel 5: Still in the same vein, a full restart of the phone can solve some GPS problems.
  • Deactivate energy saving mode: This mode, which aims to increase the autonomy of your Google Pixel 5, may interfere with the operation of your navigation system.
  • Activate the "High precision" mode: This mode aims to couple WiFi, GPS and mobile data to increase the accuracy of the signal, in difficult reception situations its activation can improve the signal quality.
  • Check for software updates: Having the latest version of Android is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your Google Pixel 5, if it does not, this could be the cause of your GPS problem. So check the settings of your mobile phone and more precisely the software part. In addition to that, update “Google Maps” to make sure you have the latest version.
  • Clear cache and application data: In this context, go to "Settings", "Application manager", "Downloaded applications" and select "Google Maps" then clear the cache. Once done, restart your Google Pixel 5.
  • Factory reset: Last option, you can try to reset your Google Pixel 5 to factory settings. Make sure, however, to back up all your important data beforehand. To do this, go to "Settings", "Backup and reset", "Reset the device to factory settings".

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