Having a smartphone that does not work is particularly useless, in the event that you have problems accessing the network with your smartphone, know that you are not the only ones experiencing these kinds of problems. In this tutorial, we will allow you to regain normal use of your phone by addressing the different SIM card problems on Oppo Reno A. To help you, we will first review the various problems that you may encounter with the SIM of your smartphone, and, in a second, check the cause of the problem. And, finally, what are the solutions that you can do to make it work properly again.


The different SIM card problems on Oppo Reno A

We therefore start our article by seeing the different concerns that you may have related to the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A. This is often the origin of network or call problems, it usually affects people who change their phone. SIM card, or smartphone. However, even if you are not in this situation you may be the victim of one of these problems due to a fall of your cell phone for example.

Unrecognized sim card problem on Oppo Reno A

The most common error message that you may see appear on your Oppo Reno A and which prevents you from using the telephone network of your smartphone is " SIM card not recognized  " or " Invalid SIM card ". These messages suggest, as their names indicate, a problem in identifying and reading your SIM card. It may happen that the SIM card is incorrectly positioned or that it is not activated by your operator. Indeed, you may not know it, however, when you change your telephone operator and receive a new SIM card, you will have to wait for a confirmation SMS to activate your card. You may have started installing the map too quickly.

SIM card not detected on Oppo Reno A

Even if this message is significantly different from the previous error message, it also shows similar problems with the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A. The most classic nature of the appearance of this message on your smartphone screen is related to a SIM card incorrectly positioned in the slot provided for this purpose.

How do I know if the SIM card of my Oppo Reno A is defective?

Understanding the error messages related to your SIM card that your Oppo Reno A displays is one thing, however, being able to carry out the diagnosis yourself and resolve the problem quickly is another. So it makes sense that you now want to check if ever the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A is defective. You will have two solutions to check the status of your smartphone card. In the event that the problem is directly related to your SIM card, you will have to dismantle it, remembering to turn off your Oppo Reno A beforehand, and observe the state of the latter. Remember to check that the chip is not scratched, that your card is not not twisted, cracked, or broken. Otherwise, you have the option of directly contacting your mobile operator to check its status.

Solutions to fix various SIM card problems on an Oppo Reno A

After having discovered the different problems that you may encounter with the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A and how you can check if ever the reason for your concern was related to a defective SIM card, we will now present the different solutions and steps to you. that you will need to do to resolve the problems with your card. We suggest that you try them in chronological order.

1. Put your Oppo Reno A in airplane mode

First technique and the easiest to perform. In the event that after turning on your Oppo Reno A, it does not detect your SIM card, you do not have a network, or you see an error message displayed on your screen related to the latter, we advise you before to initiate any process of trying to switch to airplane mode and return to normal mode. This technique often allows reset mobile connections and can solve your worry.

2. Restart your Oppo Reno A to fix your SIM card problem

In the event that switching to airplane mode has not changed anything and you still experience the same problem, we will go to the next step, it is simply to restart your Oppo Reno A. Nothing particularly complex, however, it is is the most effective technique for fixing bugs on a smartphone.

3. Remove and reinsert the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A

After having carried out the first two techniques rather “software” access, we will now move on to the “hardware” side. To do this, you will have to follow the few instructions below:

  • Turn off your Oppo Reno A.
  • Using the tool provided for this purpose, remove the SIM card from your smartphone.
  • As we explained to you in the first part of this guide, make sure the SIM card is in good condition, make sure that it is positioned in the right location and in the right direction.
  • Clean the SIM card with a soft cloth, reposition it and close the drawer.
  • Turn on your Oppo Reno A and check if the SIM card problem is solved.

4. Use safe mode on your Oppo Reno A

To check that the problem does not come from Android or an application that blocks the normal use of the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A, you can use safe mode. This mode will make it possible to block all applications that are not essential for the operation of the smartphone and therefore to avoid software bugs as much as possible. So start in this mode and check if your SIM card is working normally. If it ever does, check application by application and delete any unnecessary ones until you find the one causing your concerns.

4. Contact your mobile operator to correct the problem with the SIM card of your Oppo Reno A

You are probably far from being a mobile technician, you will find on the internet a lot of tips and help of all kinds. Even so, some problems persist and are more important than others. In the event that despite all your attempts the bug persists, contacting your mobile operator and asking them for an in-depth analysis will allow you to resolve your SIM card problem will be the best solution. They will probably be able to replace your SIM card or perform remote updates on it.

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