If you want to increase the storage space of your Samsung Galaxy A10, you will have to buy an SD card. With the evolution of storage technologies, the cost of memory is now super low. It is therefore possible to greatly increase the memory of the Samsung Galaxy A10, in order to store all types of files (photos, videos, applications, etc.). However, there are several types of SD card and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. We will therefore help you in this post to choose the best SD card compatible with your Samsung Galaxy A10. We will first find out which SD card format is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A10. We will then find out how to choose your micro SD card. Finally, we will see which are the best cards in terms of performance.

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Which SD card format for the Samsung Galaxy A10?

There are 2 main types of memory card formats found on the market. Undeniably, there is SD Card and Micro SD card .

  • SD card: Is a standard card, rather bulky to be used on a smartphone
  • La Micro SD card : Is a reduced version of the SD Card. It is much smaller and is usually used in smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A10

The SD card format used by the Samsung Galaxy A10 is therefore the Micro SD card . Be aware that there may be Micro SD card adapters. Indeed, if you want to transfer files from your Micro SD card to your PC, it is possible to slide your Micro SD card into an adapter that will allow you to connect it to your PC or Mac.

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How to choose a good micro SD card for your Samsung Galaxy A10

Once you know which card format is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy A10, we will see how to choose your Micro SD card. In order to help you make the right choice, here are the selection criteria to which you should pay attention:

Storage capacity

One of the most important criteria for choosing a Micro SD card for a Samsung Galaxy A10 is the storage capacity. Undeniably, it is this which defines the quantity of files that you can store on the Samsung Galaxy A10. There are capacities ranging from 16 GB to more than 512 GB. The more capacity you have, the more you will be able to store images, photos, videos, films, etc. on your Samsung Galaxy A10. For example, it is possible to store ten films on a 16 GB card and about 300 on a 512 GB card. It is up to you to see what your storage needs are.

Card debit

The card speed represents the speed with which files will be transferred between your Samsung Galaxy A10 and the Micro SD card. The higher the speed, the faster the files will be transferred. Depending on the use, you will need more or less flow. In particular, if you want to take 4k video, in high definition or to take photos with high definition, you are going to need a fairly high bitrate. For these activities, a write rate of 25MB / s is preferable.

The certification

Micro SD card certifications are in fact a debit assurance. Undeniably, the A1 or A2 certifications guarantee a minimum transfer rate. The A2 certification having a higher speed than the A1, it will allow a rapid transfer of data between the card and your Samsung Galaxy A10.

the class

The class is determined by the letter C or the letter U. Roughly, they represent a speed of writing on the card. After the letter, you will find a number from 1 to 10. The bigger it is, the faster the writing speed. For class C, the flow rate ranges from 2 to 10MB / s. For class U, the speed ranges from 10 to 30 MB / s.

What are the best micro SD cards for your Samsung Galaxy A10

To help you select the right Micro SD card for your Samsung Galaxy A10, we have suggested the 2 best SD cards for your Samsung Galaxy A10 below. We chose a performing model and a super performing model.

Samsung MB-MC128GA Evo Plus 128G

With the Samsung EVO 128 GB, you will be able to shoot in 4k and play in 4K. This Micro SD card is therefore efficient. With a write speed of 90 mb / s and its U3 class, this card should allow you to do whatever you want on your Samsung Galaxy A10. The 128 GB of storage should allow you to store a lot of files.


128 GB SanDisk Extreme micro SDXC Memory Card

The Sandiskt Extreme is a super performance Micro SD card. Undeniably, with its U3 class and its A2 certification, it provides you with an ultra-efficient transfer and write speed. So you can do all the tasks you want on your Samsung Galaxy A10 without worry. It is therefore the top level at an affordable price!


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